CMS stands for Content Management System.. Basically it makes it easy for users to add content to their own sites. If you can use a program like Word or an email client like Outlook or even post on Facebook & Twitter, then you can use a good CMS. We take the worry out of it by setting it all up. Once done sky's your limit..

Who Are We?

Doneright specialize in CMS (content management systems) Such as WordPress, Modx, OpenCart, Joomla & more. for both personal & small to medium business websites. We have years of experience in the setting up and customization of these platforms, so you can rest assured you will have peace of mind and a quality service every time.

What Do You Get?

Our service includes the setting up and customization of your website, hosting it and purchasing your domain name if you do not already have one. No work will be carried out until we have had a full consultation via email, phone or in person, during this time we will discuss what suits your needs and of course your budget to. Our prices start from £49.00 setup and only £3.99 pm for hosting. The initial set up fee includes your first years domain name, but after that year you will be billed separately to renew it.